Our focus is simple; high quality advice and representation at competitive rates. We pride ourselves on offering sensible and practical legal advice. We particularly enjoy working in the following areas:

  • Criminal Law and AVOs
  • Family Law
  • Care & Protection Law
  • Wills & Estates

If your problem is in another area of law we may be able to assist.

Our costs

For some matters we charge a flat fee. Otherwise it’s by the hour. Time spent in legal research, travel, contemplation and reflection are not charged.

Even at our competitive rates, going to court can be ridiculously expensive. While any prediction as to costs of the completed matter is bound to be inaccurate, we’ll give you our best estimates, based on experience of similar cases, with updates as we go.

Free first consultation – 30 minutes

To make it easy for us to assess your legal issues, we ask that you come prepared with full ID and all relevant paperwork, preferably neatly filed so you can find documents.

We can only give proper advice when we have a clear picture, so it’s most important you trust us enough to tell us what we need to know. With some statutory exceptions, which we’ll explain if necessary, unless you say otherwise, everything you tell us is and will remain confidential.

If you are eligible for legal aid – and we will advise on this – we would be happy to help you apply.